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on Supernatural season 12

SPN has been renewed for a 12th season. After years of rolling my eyes at the show's apparently, if thematically appropriate, unkillable nature - I'm embarrassingly happy now to have more coming. (Really they should at least get to season 13, for symbolism's sake. And season 14 would get them to episode 300. Considering the head of the CW has repeatedly said that SPN will go on for as long as Jared and Jenson are interested, it's not outside the realm of possibility, if far beyond the realm of sense or taste.)

So we're getting a season 12. And after our obsessed rewatch painstaking analysis of the rest of the show, gnine and I know exactly how it's going to go. (Or should go...)

By the season's end, the Darkness is going to be defeated. Our guess for the finale cliffhanger is that Lucifer is going to possess Sam somehow. Not sure how it's going to happen but I hope there is a really good reason, because his saying no is one of the best moments of the show and I really don't want it cancelled out.

(It's SPN, so I'm not counting on a good reason. Or any reason. But I can hope!)

Season 12 will begin with Samifer embarking on his latest plans for the apocalypse, 3rd edition (or is that 4th? 5th?) and Dean and Cas and whoever else fighting to stop him and get Sam back. It looks hopeless until episode 2 or 3, when they find a spell to separate Sam's soul from his body. After an episode with invisi-Sam who only Cas can see and talk to, they figure out a way to make his spirit temporarily solid, allowing them to have the requisite mid-season monster of the week eps together before Sam's soul starts getting too drained to sustain his physical presence, and Dean can't catch him when he staggers because he keeps fading into intangibility. Meanwhile, Lucifer is still running his show from Sam's body (except for the one ep where they manage to capture him and spirit-Sam has to go undercover pretending to be Lucifer.)

Along the way, Dean gets briefly turned into a woman, since it's the one fanfic cliche they haven't done yet. That or Aliens (or ghosts) make them do it.

And they bring Charlie back, because it turns out she wasn't actually killed after all, that was just a fake corpse (since she was killed off-screen, by family Frankenstein, I'm about 40% hoping this is actually going to happen.)(That or she and Kevin and Bobby and a few others can start Charlie's Angels in Heaven. Or anywhere else! I just need Charlie and Kevin back in the show...)