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I am weak

I'm confessing here so certain people can holler at me, as I well know you will, though I swear it's not my fault, I didn't want to do it, I can't help that Kaiba is such a compelling SOB.

...which is to say, yeah. I wrote Yu-Gi-Oh fic. Moreover, I didn't even write good YGO fic. No, instead I had to retell the same damn flashback story I'm sure has been done a thousand times before on Only with overextended metaphors and in second person, just to be contrary. And while I drew a little on the anime filler, most of it is based on what we've thus far seen of Kaiba's backstory in the manga. So it was essentially inspired by all of three pages of manga.

What can I say. They're a really interesting three pages.


Now, leave me to my shame. And my incredibly cute if stupid filler arc.


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