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Got another prompt on the h/c comment-fest right when I was thinking I wanted to do at least one more, so thank you @shadowlancer_95 for that kick of instant inspiration! :D

A Cat's Discretion

As a little change of pace it's Da Qing's POV, with gen h/c (with Shen Wei. Okay it's not that much of a change of pace.)

And a Sunday Snippet, of a fic that I may not be able to bring myself to post because of how absurdly embarrassed I am about it (no, it's not because it's porn. There's a bit but really I'd be less embarrassed if this were a proper PWP instead of...whatever this ridiculous thing is.)
"The point of this, ah, game, is for you to have fun, isn't it, not for you to make yourself sick."

Zhao Yunlan rolled his eyes again. Okay, he could have predicted that among Shen Wei's myriad talents, drinking games probably weren't going to be a specialty.

Not that they had an actual game. Zhao Yunlan had tried to think of something besides beer pong--no way could he match Shen Wei's reflexes, even sober--or watching movies--Shen Wei didn't know the tropes anyway--and had done a little online research, before deciding that they were two grown-ass men and if they wanted to spend a weekend night, with their schedules carefully cleared, getting mildly shit-faced together, then they didn't need some silly excuse to do it.

...And then Shen Wei had spent the first hour doing the after-dinner kitchen cleanup between hits, because of course he did. Maybe he should have picked a game. "The point," Zhao Yunlan said, "is for us to have fun."

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Guardian hurt/comfort!

No Sunday Snippet because I'm feeling a bit under the weather and am not sure what I'll share of what I'm messing with now, but! If you haven't seen it or haven't been back to it, there is a smorgasbord of delicious h/c up on my h/c comment-fest post! A few by me and a whole bunch of other fills not to be missed -- @yue_ix did art! @naye has thus far claimed the coveted "fails so hard that everyone wins" award for writing a 7K "comment-fic" in one day!

Guardian h/c comment-fest!

Anyone is welcome to come join the fun, I'm still hoping to write a bit more myself, so the more prompts (or fills of course!) the merrier!

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time for an h/c comment fest!

The last couple of days have been rough on my writing (for dumb annoying reasons, why don't we come installed with a "will not be bothered by this thing" button?)

So! In the hopes of getting me to write something, and because this is what I'm feeling most wobbly about: it's time for hurt/comfort comment-fic!

Leave me a prompt/request for h/c, any hurt or any comfort, short or long as you want -- if it's character-specific, Guardian WeiLan please, that's all I'm in the mood to write; if that's not your thing then please leave a more general prompt! I don't promise to write anything (nor do I promise to write an actual commentfic and not some 10K-word monster, knowing me) but I would love any inspiration.

And if one of the prompts happens to tickle your fancy, please post your own comment fic (art, etc!) here (any fandoms, any characters) -- the more h/c the merrier!

The fills! \o/
(as of Oct. 16, and more or more prompts welcome!)

The Sundial goes full Equivalent Exchange. by @frith_in_thorns
aftermath of torture by @xparrot
Shen Wei is having trouble focusing (and how!) by @xparrot
Hypothermia and cuddling for warmth (or: Shen Wei Is The Least Reliable Narrator) by @yue_ix
Shen Wei has a weird allergic reaction by @frith_in_thorns
Nightmares (and knives) by @xparrot
Shen Wei suddenly has the power to hear people's dreams by @naye
Fanart: Scars by @yue_ix
Comfort tea & hypothermia by @marycrawford
Wings, the kind that stay inside until they tear their way out by @frith_in_thorns
Scars (AU fic for yue_ix's art) by @xparrot
Dragged away screaming by @marycrawford
Shen Wei thinking he's minorly hurt, but it's actually a lot worse by @wintersoldier77
Zhao Yunlan has a literal healing cock by @xparrot
Shen Wei thinking he's only minorly hurt, take 2 by @rlyqueer
winter has come by @extrapenguin
Shen Wei accidentally (or not) ingests poison meant for Zhao Yunlan by @xparrot
muffled screams by @duckwhatduck

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Guardian Sunday Six (or Snippet)

I posted the last chapter of 'Twas Brillig and then also put up the fic that I teased last week:

Sickfic, Domestic Fluff, Mild Hurt/Comfort, in the sense of being 1% hurt to 99% comfort

Shen Wei gets a Dixing cold, and Zhao Yunlan does his best to take care of him. That's it. That's the fic.

With that fluff out of my system I've finally gotten back to the angst-fic that's been on hold for months now (derailed a bit by getting a new computer up and running, agh what a process!). Though it's not entirely angst...
"Zhao Yunlan told us to give it to you," Chu Shuzhi said with grave reluctance.

"Lin Jing installed a secure GPS tracker app on this phone," Zhu Hong said, in a tone like she was making more sense of something instead of less. "Already signed in with Chief Zhao's phone, and he's got his own app set for this phone."

"I see," Shen Wei said, who didn't.

"So he'll be able to see where you are, and you can see where he is," Zhu Hong said. "Take the phone--please, Professor Shen? If you don't, Lao-Zhao will take it out on us."

Gingerly Shen Wei accepted the phone. Its glass screen was cool to the touch, Zhu Hong not producing any body heat to warm it. It weighed a little more than a dead mouse.

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Guardian fic: amnesia and Sunday Six

The amnesia fic I was posting snippets of before is up on AO3, just one part to go:

'Twas Brillig
WeiLan, action/adventure, hurt/comfort

Zhao Yunlan's job is to save a few kids. He's got that. He just has a few questions. Like where are they, and how do they get out of here, and why does his head hurt so much?

And who the hell is this guy in the black cloak and mask?

And then I started another thing. Apparently, as much as I love angst, my true calling now is really sickeningly fluffy domesticity...the last thing that wrote this quickly was "Kite". This one...has even more words and even less plot. *sinks slowly into the ground*
"Shen Wei, what's up with you? This morning--you never oversleep, I don't ever need to set an alarm anymore--"

"I know," Shen Wei said wretchedly, "I'm sorry--"

"--and then this meeting--"

"--yes, that was an unacceptable oversight, I don't know how I--"

"--are you coming down with something?"

Shen Wei blinked at him. "Am I...?"

"Do you have a cold?" Zhao Yunlan said, slow and patiently.

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Last week we watched The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and oh, oh...my Skesis-loving six-year-old fangirl self was transported. I honestly don't remember the movie itself that clearly; but this is the world that existed in my head for so long after it.

The uncanny valley of the puppets may definitely be too steep for some, but it gives it a feel unlike any CGI feature -- or anything else -- and if you can navigate that, it's a creative, compelling, breathtakingly beautiful high fantasy epic. With a thinly veiled sledgehammer of an environmental message, and so much to say about hope in the face of despair and love in the face of selfishness and evil. Also a bunch of great female characters (the Gelfing are casually matriarchal, and I love that it doesn't explain it -- it doesn't need explaining! -- but at the same time, the females do have a clear biological advantage, so yes, why not?) and incredible voice acting and the aesthetic is so gorgeous and spectacular and wild (we were sold when we saw the carriages with the bug-wheels in all their low-key horror).

And also the Skeksis. Who are a gold standard of villains, a class by themselves -- proof that evil doesn't have to be sympathetic to be understandable, or compelling...but it does help to have some of the most incredible character designs of anything ever. They're horrific and terrifying and laughable and tragic and you cannot look away (and Simon Pegg deserves some kind of award for voicing The Chamberlain, just. Damn.)

So yeah. Good stuff.

And squeaking in the Sunday Six -- well technically it's a bit past Sunday here, but it's actually six sentences (thank you semicolons!) Guardian, of course, a thing from a bit ago that I'm trying to get back to, because we can always use more angst...right? right?!
Zhao Yunlan sank to the floor--not quite falling, but not quite controlled, either. He ended up crouched on the balls of his feet amid the shards of the broken light bulb, knees bent, one arm dragged up by the cuff. He dropped his head into his other hand, knotted his fingers in his hair.

Da Qing squatted down beside him, mirroring his pose. "Lao Zhao?" he said, but when he didn't get an answer he didn't ask again, just leaned in, until his shoulder only just touched Zhao Yunlan's.

Zhao Yunlan twitched, but didn't sidle away; he sat there and endured that contact.

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Posted a ficlet, Guardian of course, pure fluff (literally; there's flannel PJs): as is deemed reasonable & necessary

The 30 Days of Guardian that has been going around on dw has been so much fun to read; I'm behind everyone else now doing it but tempted to start anyway...(never done a meme like that...I don't think I've managed daily posts for a month since, uh, ever...?)

Sunday Six(ish) is from the amnesia fic that's nearly done...it's, uh, only about twice as long as I thought it would be? That's honestly an improvement for me? ^^; It's like all action-adventure and banter; Guardian just brings out the old-school ficcer in me...
"If you meant it before," Zhao Yunlan said, "about keeping these kids safe--then maybe it won't be so bad, us working together."

There was a pause. Then the Envoy said, evenly and quietly enough to make it hard to read his tone, "So, I'm to understand that if I cooperate with you now, I'll find you more agreeable in our future partnership. While as if I do not, then you'll be...less amenable to work with."

"Oh, I can go way beyond less amenable," Zhao Yunlan assured him. "Try intractable. Hostile. Dissentious. One of my instructors at the academy used 'recalcitrant and intransigent' on an official review. You could pull rank all you want, but I'd make your every interaction with the SID a living hell."

"I don't doubt it," the Envoy said, but he didn't sound overly bothered.

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Guardian: B&L theme + Sunday 6

There's a new monthly theme up at the @brush_and_lantern : Caves, Courts, Cottages

And I snuck in a bit of last-minute crackfic for the previous theme: i want to believe (alien abduction AU; I did it all for the punchline. the terrible punchline.)

Meanwhile have been struggling with my writing, so am throwing things at the wall to see what sticks...
Just inside the community center, behind the now-empty frames of the double doors of the entryway, was a figure--a shadow against darkness now inside; the light bulbs hadn't survived that blast, either, but the black cloak was darker yet than the unlit gloom within. He was holding his glaive, planted on the floor amid the shattered glass.

Zhao Yunlan grinned at that sight, even with glass crunching under his boots--overkill for sure, but to stop this guy... He lifted one hand, the other still knotted around Yan Shuyuan's collar, and offered a thumbs-up to that figure. "All good, Hei-laoge, we got him..."

The Envoy didn't hear him--no, ignored him. Zhao Yunlan saw his hooded head turn, saw his gaze passing over everyone below--the wailing and cowering crowd, the police officers with their guns drawn. And Zhao Yunlan--but he didn't pause, not meeting his gaze for even a moment, and Zhao Yunlan's hail died in his throat.

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on Elementary's finale

Finally managed to gather the household for long enough to watch the finale of Elementary!

Last year when Elementary s6 ended, the showrunners thought it might be the end, so they wrote the finale they wanted for the show. And I loved it, to the point that when the show did get renewed for a final short seventh season, I was actually a little disappointed, because I wasn't sure if they could stick the landing a second time. So while I was happy to get more and was enjoying this season, I was a little worried all along about how it was all going to end.

Now it has. And, in the final reckoning -- I am so, so happy they got that last season, and that we got this finale.

spoilers for Elementary 7x13Collapse )

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Guardian canon question: on Dixing anatomy

I'm sick and can't concentrate enough to write so have been musing on Guardian instead, as you do, apropos of @brush-and-lantern 's current monthly theme, and have a question about Dixingren.

How alien are the Dixingren anyway?Collapse )

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On The Untamed/Mo Dao Zu Shi

A couple days ago the sister and I finished watching the cdrama Chen Qing Ling/The Untamed (an adaptation of the danmei (BL) novel Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). This was after we'd watched the first season of the donghua of MDZS and then read the translated novel last autumn, so I'm coming at this story from all sides. So! have a bunch of disorganized thoughts about it.

Random spoilers for all of the show; also warnings for both squee and possible squee-harshing? There were things I liked and things I didn't and also things I'm cranky about that aren't the show's fault at allCollapse )

In conclusion -- The Untamed is worth checking out if you're in the mood for Chinese fantasy featuring the world's fluffiest necromancer and melodrama and an m/m love story that hovers in subtext just a hairline under the actual text; and if you did enjoy the drama I definitely recommend both the novel and the donghua -- the former has a decent English translation that's actually finished, and the latter is lavishly and epically animated (and ongoing, so no one knows yet how far it's going to go with the relationship...)

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Sunday Six: more Guardian

AO3 won the Hugo for best related work! \o/

After a thoroughly unproductive week, I managed to eke out a bit of writing yesterday; fingers crossed that this is back on a trend rather than an exception?
"Okay, then," Zhao Yunlan said with a careful nod. "Let's get them there and figure it out from there."

He started to turn back to collect the kids, only to realize that the Envoy had gone still--frozen, looking at him with such unalloyed focus that it sent a frisson down Zhao Yunlan's spine. "What?" he snapped, quelling that shiver.

"You trust me?" the Envoy asked, quiet but intent.

Zhao Yunlan could've lied, could've told him they were best friends, comrades for life; but the sharpness of that gaze would cut through any glibness as easily as the guy's blade through that monster. It wasn't worth the effort. "If you wanted to kill me now, you would've already." He shrugged. "So come on--" He couldn't say it aloud; giving it as a name was one thing, but actually addressing the guy like some lord in a historical drama, with a straight face...not possible. "--Hei-Laoge."

The Envoy's shoulders jerked under his bespoke suit jacket at that insolence, but he didn't say anything.

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Sunday Six: Guardian + plotbunny farm

The Guardian Plot Bunny Farm has officially moved to @brush_and_lantern so check it out if you're in need of inspiration (or want to throw some out there!)

There's also a new monthly theme up: Aliens, Demons, Superpowers

Meanwhile, being blocked on my other fic, I started a new one, in the grand old tradition of tossing the characters into a cliche and hoping they'll figure it out. I'm still sulky with my writing atm but I'm having fun with the story, so I'll take it...
The figure started to step forward, and Zhao Yunlan cocked the pistol, the metallic click loud enough to be heard over the kids' whimpering. "You get one more warning," he said. "Stay back."

The figure didn't move closer, but it brought down its hand in a sharp gesture--Zhao Yunlan braced, but it wasn't calling back its weapon. Instead the black cloak and mask dissolved around it, to reveal a man--a man in glasses and a neatly tailored blue suit. And yeah, of course Dixingren could look as human as anyone if they tried, and most of them did; but still, this guy didn't look like he'd crawled up from any hellish underworld. More like he'd stepped out of an accounting office, or a university classroom.

"Zhao Yunlan, are you all right?" the man asked.

Zhao Yunlan didn't lower the gun, kept his elbows locked so his arms wouldn't shake too hard and his eyes narrowed against the vise of pain closed around his skull. "I'm just dandy," he said. "So who the fuck are you?"

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Guardian drama timeline: the past

I've seen and done a lot of speculation about what the Guardian drama shows us about the Kunlun story, in particular, how long was he really back there, and finally decided to sit down and try to work it out to my (dis)satisfaction.

Obviously, spoilers for GuardianCollapse )

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7 Guardian fic recs

Tomorrow I leave on a several week vacation overseas, to be roadtripping with my family + @naye and @doctorskuld! \o/

...So today instead of packing I've been poking at the epilogue of my current Guardian WIP (@bonibaru gave me excellent beta feedback that helped me figure out what was troubling me about it, but it means rewrites) and making rec posts I've been intending to do for weeks...

So to add to the other themed rec lists for Guardian -- here's seven of my favorite fix-its in the fandom, working in and around and through to a different end than what canon gave us.

Some spoilers for the drama, so behind a cut!Collapse )

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Sunday Six: Guardian

@bonibaru wrote a beautiful rec for @naye's epic Guardian fix-it "With a Twist of the Kaleidoscope" -- read the rec, and then read the fic, if ever you hoped for a better ending. It's a fantastic, engaging, angsty, romantic, h/c-filled epic from start to finish, complete with brainwashing and a redemption arc, and it sets right, if not every plothole and forgotten thread of the drama, at least a bunch of them. And yes, fixes it, rewarding Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan as they and we deserved.

And @frith_in_thorns just posted a lovely bit of Shen Wei h/c that makes me hope for lots more where that came from: "We are all still standing"

And I have been ficcing myself, but the current scene I'm on is being a pain, so have a bit of pre-porn that may or may not ever happen (or may or may not actually be porn if it does):
"All those people, and you're this charged up. But you were only looking at me," Zhao Yunlan reveled.

Shen Wei made a rumbling sound that was maybe a chuckle and maybe a purr. His teeth were set to the tendon along Zhao Yunlan's throat--not biting but scraping along it, making sparks down his spinal cord like flint on steel. Zhao Yunlan felt his tongue flicker against his pulse point as Shen Wei spoke. "None of them compare."

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The Guardian drama started airing a year ago today, and [community profile] brush_and_lantern has an Anniversary Celebration post for ficlets and such, lots of fun happening there!

I wrote fluff for the occasion! Actual genuine fluff, anniversary-themed, no less.

...That it's complete fluff I'm proud of given my track record of late, like, I got Shen Wei stoned on allergy meds and he still went angsty on me (very confused and completely unnecessary angst but still). And my current WIP is hardcore angst h/c (wait for it, wait for it...) -- I'm relieved to know I still have more than one setting!

--Okay, so yes, those settings are all for "HEA WeiLan." But I'm having too much fun to stop. Happy anniversary, Guardian fandom!

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Sunday Six: silly Guardian snippet

Any Guardian fans on my flist probably have already seen this, but [community profile] brush_and_lantern fanworks comm is open for business with its first theme -- and its first work already! \o/

And I want to write something for that, plus I have two different long fic that I really want to be working on, one I have hopes of finishing this week and the other still has a ways to go but where it's going, ahh, I am nervous but excited to get there!

...and then I got on Twitter, and let's just say that [personal profile] tanndell is a menace and also I am weak, there are certain tropes I am so, so weak to, and Shen Wei tickles my id in a particular way...

"Shen Wei?" Zhao Yunlan asked over the phone.

"Zhao Yunlan?" Shen Wei said back.

"You call for anything in particular?" Zhao Yunlan said, in that particular tone that meant he was leaning back in his chair, with a specific grin Shen Wei knew very well, informal and satisfied. "Or just to hear my dulcet voice?"

"I do like hearing your voice," Shen Wei said. "Even over the phone, it's so gentle and yet so lively."

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Fic: Not All Those Who Wander

As mentioned, this was my fic for the 520 Day Guardian Exchange:

Not All Those Who Wander (23,476 words) by Xparrot
Fandom: 镇魂 | Guardian (TV), 镇魂 | Guardian - priest
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Shěn Wēi/Zhào Yúnlán, Kūn Lún/Shěn Wēi
Characters: Kūn Lún, Zhào Yúnlán, Shěn Wēi, Dà Qìng
Additional Tags: canon AU, Drama, Angst, epic fantasy, or else scifi?, Old Haixing Era, Post-Apocalypse, Show-Book Fusion, Fix-It of Sorts

The god Kunlun is as old as the mountain range that bears his name, if not older. Or so the villagers say. He was here before any people were, as eternal as the mountains — moreso, in truth. The mountains might change, but Kunlun remains Kunlun.

(While a drama-novel fusion, it's specifically an AU of the drama and should make sense even if you haven't read the novel.)

I wrote this fic in a week and a half, and it devoured my life for that time. Have you ever had a story that feels less like you're inventing it, and more like it exists already and you're just serving as the transcriber, the vessel that it's poured through to come into being? Yeah, one of those. I'm pleased it exists and excited about it like it's not really mine at all; it surprised me as much as it could any reader as it developed. And there were some things that didn't make it into the story, due to the limitations of the POV. So these are the DVD extras, for my own fun, and for anyone curious.

Spoilers for the fic (and a few for the drama and novel)Collapse )

So that's the story. And thank you so much, everyone who's taken to time to read it, and kudos'ed or left a comment; after living with one foot in this fic's world, I can't tell you have happy I am to have company. It means everything to me to know anyone's enjoyed it!

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Guardian 520 Exchange!

The [community profile] sid_guardian Guardian 520 exchange is live!!! And there is SO MUCH fantastic stuff, omg. (Especially given that the word limit was a friendly 300 words...that lured us all in and then inspiration took us all for a ride!)

First my gift is this amazing adorably domestic fanart from the incomparable Altie:
There is a tie! And Zhao Yunlan being sweetly naughty and Shen Wei not minding one bit, and Da Qing has a fish so you know all is right with the world <3

Then there is an incredible amount of awesomeness that I'm just starting to work through. And before that, this (because I had the pleasure of beta'ing so didn't need more time to savor it now!):

[personal profile] naye's To fall but in your arms
16K (!?!) of delightful h/c and UST, set early series, when they run into a detour in the journey up the mountains in episode 9. It's from Shen Wei's POV and he's as big a basket of delicious issues and unreliable narration and eternal longing as anyone could hope for.

And a few more recs in no particular order:

[personal profile] galaxysoup's In Vino Veritas
The conversation and bonding between Zhu Hong and Shen Wei that I always wanted (plus so many gorgeous insightful things about Shen Wei and everything that makes him as beautiful a character as he is, I can't quote them all, but: "He puts down his chopsticks and takes off his glasses, setting them down beside his plate. He looks different without them - less friendly but more honest, a strange meeting point between the Professor and the Envoy.")

singlecrow's justice gave me an amber necklace
A fix-it with the challenges of moving on; the end is an exquisite breath of relief.

[personal profile] ranalore's The Touch of Your Mouth (your heart's truth tells me)
Four first kisses and then the fifth -- beautiful writing, and then, the end...the end!!!

Speaking of kisses, Goss's fanart Forever be colliding is a gorgeous one, as is abyss_valkyrie's Always stay here and never leave me and Tinny's manips!

Plus because this was a multimedia exchange, we also got [profile] lolachrome's vid Bury a Crown for all your BAMF!Shen Wei needs (that bit at the end when he screams, hot damn.)

(And my own is the absurdly over-long Not All Those Who Wander -- and frankly I'm proud to have brought it in at under 24K words; it could've been 150K. This story ate my life for a couple weeks so it'll be getting its own post, for my sake if no one else's!)

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