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'tis the season for exchanges!

Finally signed up for the @sundial_exchange !

For anyone into Guardian who hasn't signed up yet, you have another couple days to do so. It's a low-commitment exchange (you can offer any type of fanwork; the minimum wordcount for fic is 500 words) open to any Guardian canon as well as everything actor-adjacent, so RPF or any show or commercial with either Zhu Yilong or Bai Yu.

CNY Sundial Exchange

In other fanworks news, @naye worked her podficcing magic on another of my stories -- over an hour of super fluffy WeiLan sickfic! :D

Spark, read by Naye

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WeiLan Week day 7

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, and happy fanning likewise!

--And I am planning on doing days 4-6 of WeiLan week eventually, but for now:

Weilan Week 2019 day 7 prompt: Say one Weilan/Guardian thing you're grateful for, and wish Guardian a happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Guardian! I'm grateful to be in a fandom with so many other creative people to collaborate with and enjoy what they make!

Such as my marvelous @naye, who recently got into reading podfic -- and not only did she read several of her own awesome stories (I especially enjoyed her poetical rendition of This heart I gave you to hold is still beating), but two of mine as well:
Scars, and 'Twas Brillig -- which is over 20K words; the podfic is almost two and a half hours long!! I think it works even better in audio form, especially the end; the first time you actually hear Shen Wei's name is so affecting.

Then, @frith-in-thorns is almost done posting Goblin Fruit, just one chapter to go, and I...cannot give a coherent rec of this fic, it is such a direct shot to my id, the most incredible mix of angsty h/c and devotion and magic-drug-altered POVs. But so much gratitude to Frith for letting me pre-read/beta and putting up with reactions that were 40% incoherent gibbering, 40% ridiculously overthinking nitpicking, and 40% shameless begging for even more (yes that's 120%. I'm so sorry, Frith! ^^;;;)

Finally, @dzenka.ao3 , who translated several of my fic into Russian and has been sharing with me a taste of the squeeful, seagull-screeching crack that is the Russian Guardian fandom (e.g. a Black-Cloaked Envoy the Darkwing Duck Russian) and is now posting their first English-language fic (a translation of their own fic from the original Russian) which I am helping beta: Where All the Light Burns Out, a long fix-it that diverges from canon in the last episodes, and I am so looking forward to seeing where it's going!

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Weilan Week day 3

...So yeah, posting regularly is not my forte? Fortunately Weilan Week allows submissions for another month!

Weilan Week 2019 day 3 prompt: longing

long lonely time (on AO3)

Been blocked fic-wise so this one got a little experimental in structure. (The title may sound less OTT angsty if you recognize the lyrics I cribbed it from :P)

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Weilan Week day 2

Weilan Week 2019 day 2 prompt: What do you love the most about Weilan?

The MOST? Ask a fan to choose one thing about her OTP?? Impossible!

But if I must...I think my favorite thing about them is their fantastic compatibility. Which cheatingly covers a whole range of things, but it's what makes them so satisfying. Especially because they're people who on the surface don't seem that compatible. They can come across as an opposites-attract couple because their exterior presentations are so different, between Shen Wei's ultra-reserved, iron-willed control and dignity, with his rigid posture and rigorously tailored suits and his actual literal mask; contrasted to Zhao Yunlan's casually insouciant slouching and scruffy distressed jeans, his aggressively informal attitude toward public and personal space and his easily expressed moods.

Except that there's so much more with them that is shared and mutual, when you look at little closer. Collapse )

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WeiLan Week day 1!

@WeilanWeek2019.twitter is hosting a WeiLan Week to celebrate the Guardian novel's 7th anniversary! I have been meaning to do the 30 Days of Guardian thing but haven't gotten to it. But a week, maybe I can manage a week!

Collapse )

Day one: Beginnings, firsts, fluff / What made you pick up Guardian?

Not long after the show dropped, in August 2018, it went like a wave through a bunch of fandom peeps I knew. In particular @naye got into it and fell hard -- and it had been too long since we shared a fandom, but I had mostly broken up with SPN and also thanks to RL really needed something shiny and distracting so she was pushing it hard -- and my sister @gnine had a friend equally into it. And those enthusiastic recs on both sides made it sound like the most delightful cheesy fun slash show. So I was looking forward to it anyway, then I saw a promo pic -- it might've been this one:

and (to the shock of no one ever) me and my megane kink went OKAY I need to see more of that beautiful man in the Harry Potter glasses.

And then the first gifs I saw were from the taxi scene in episode 8...

So Gnine and I started watching, and ended up diving headfirst into cdrama and danmei and everything Zhu Yilong has ever done (and he is still gorgeous without the glasses, but oh, Shen Wei...!) and I'm learning a bit of Mandarin and it has all been totally worth it (yes, even Dreamlike Life!)

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on negativity in fandom

I was writing this whole long rambling post about responsibility, and apologizing for and trying to minimize accidental harm, but then it changed tangents and I think what I most want to say is this:

In fandom, please be careful about how negative you are, and how you are negative.

This relates to anything from offering unsolicited crit on a fic (or heck, solicited crit) to hating on a part of canon, or to being an anti, or to discussing your dislike of a popular fic trope.

I'm not saying this for reasons of courtesy and manners, though I think that counts for something. But it's really for a much more selfish reason: Negativity can make people disengage, and that's overall detrimental to fandom. Which I selfishly care about, as a fan.

Spoilers: fandom is a really fucking emotional thing for most people. Our interests and obsessions are a pretty core part of our identities, and we wouldn't be devoting time and energy to them if we weren't mentally and emotionally engaged. Hearing that someone hates something you love can hurt, even when there is no hurt intended. That's even before we get into the question of fanfic and fanart and vids and other fan creations, and how personal one's art is to most artists. Especially for amateur artists, who aren't getting paid and so the only impetus to share our creations is for emotional validation.

There have been more than a few fic writers who have quit writing because of crit -- because getting crit is really hard even for many professional writers, and people writing for fun may not have the emotional energy to deal with it, or just don't want to, and so they stop, or stop sharing their work publicly. But it's not just direct crit that can do this. If you're writing a trope you love, or a pairing you love, and then you see people talking about how much they dislike that trope or how gross that pairing is, it can make you hesitate to keep writing, or at least hesitate to share your work, knowing you might be inviting crit. Or even just thinking that no one is going to want to read it. (Then, some of us are the opposite and such things inspire us to keep going out of pure spite; but even for me that's something I have to work myself into and it takes its own emotional toll.)

And this hurts, not just the writer, but the fandom as a whole, because someone quitting writing means less fic in the fandom for the rest of us. And even if it's not fic that you like personally, that you'd be happy not to see any more of -- someone else surely would like it, and want more, and do you want to spoil their fun, too?

Likewise, talking about disliking canon can stop discussion, because it can be hard to contradict someone -- especially someone with whom you share a fandom, so there can be that sense of comradery, being in the same community. So if you see a fan friend talking about how X canon thing sucks, rather than argue back that you love that thing, it can be easier to not rock the boat, to not say anything -- but then not feeling comfortable to talk about what you love in a fandom can drain your interest in it, and with it the fandom; and then you drift away, and the fandom shrinks.

To be clear, I'm not saying don't be negative. For one thing, sometimes it's important to do so. Calling out things like racism or toxic behavior can be seen as negative but can also be really crucial for the overall health and safety of a community and the members in it. Pointing out that a fic isn't sufficiently tagged can be a type of criticism (and can hurt a writer) but may help many other fans who could be impacted.

For two, complaining about what we dislike as well as what we like is a big part of fanning for a lot of us -- for me definitely; I enjoy a good hard critical analysis, and I'll be honest, sometimes I take guiltily gleeful pleasure in shredding something I didn't like. And sometimes, too, it feels great to talk about and find out I'm not alone in hating X thing. But I try -- have been trying harder -- to limit how I do it. When I criticize canon, I try to tag/mark it for negativity and squee-harshing, so people who don't want to see it can avoid it. When I criticize fanworks (either a specific fic I don't like, or a trope/ship/etc) I try to ensure it's not personal, and/or to keep it in more private locked channels that won't get back to the writer(s), because that's really all about me and what I like; it's not another fan's fault that I have my preferences, and the last thing I want to do is get in the way of the fun of someone else who is enjoying the fandom as much as I am, if in a different way.

I'm far from great at this -- I've hurt friends on more than one occasion without meaning to because I got too into a fannish debate and didn't realize the feelings I was provoking. I have no doubt that I've discouraged other fans from fanning on and writing things they enjoy, and I'm sorry for that. But I'm trying, and will keep trying -- I've been trying harder especially lately because my current fandom is quite small; just about all of us non-lurkers in it have interacted with each other to some extent, so it makes any interactions more personal than they would be in a larger fandom in which many people don't know each other. I'm not perfect but I'm doing my best. And hopefully my fandoms will be a more encouraging place for it.

tl;dr: make squee, not war?

ETA: this post's original subject was "not-so-vague vague-posting" because I was originally inspired to write it by a mess in my current fandom. My original intent morphed in the writing of it, though, to be more about my own changing feelings about how I interact with the fan communities I'm in, for better or for worse, so I've adjusted the subject to match.

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completely ridiculous Guardian fic & the drunk-fic trope

No Sunday Snippet, but a followup to my last Snippet that I was so embarrassed about -- I went ahead and posted it anyway. It is in turn a sequel to a fic I did for my h/c comment-fest:

Out of Focus features Zhao Yunlan dealing with an accidentally hopelessly inebriated Shen Wei, thanks to the world's most contrived plot device.

Focus Pull doubles down on this with a deliberately but (eventually) just as hopelessly drunk Shen Wei, with bonus drunk Zhao Yunlan...for 20K words of lightly humorous fluff, which is the sticking point that had me hiding under my figurative bed. Characters getting trashed is its own genre of fic, but not for this long? Because most stories need, like, an actual plot to reach that wordcount? Or else a lot of porn? ^^;

Collapse )

In conclusion...people should write more drunk Shen Wei! (You might think after this I'd have it out of my system. You would be wrong...)

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Sunday Snippet, Guardian, you know the drill

Got another prompt on the h/c comment-fest right when I was thinking I wanted to do at least one more, so thank you @shadowlancer_95 for that kick of instant inspiration! :D

A Cat's Discretion

As a little change of pace it's Da Qing's POV, with gen h/c (with Shen Wei. Okay it's not that much of a change of pace.)

And a Sunday Snippet, of a fic that I may not be able to bring myself to post because of how absurdly embarrassed I am about it (no, it's not because it's porn. There's a bit but really I'd be less embarrassed if this were a proper PWP instead of...whatever this ridiculous thing is.)
"The point of this, ah, game, is for you to have fun, isn't it, not for you to make yourself sick."

Zhao Yunlan rolled his eyes again. Okay, he could have predicted that among Shen Wei's myriad talents, drinking games probably weren't going to be a specialty.

Not that they had an actual game. Zhao Yunlan had tried to think of something besides beer pong--no way could he match Shen Wei's reflexes, even sober--or watching movies--Shen Wei didn't know the tropes anyway--and had done a little online research, before deciding that they were two grown-ass men and if they wanted to spend a weekend night, with their schedules carefully cleared, getting mildly shit-faced together, then they didn't need some silly excuse to do it.

...And then Shen Wei had spent the first hour doing the after-dinner kitchen cleanup between hits, because of course he did. Maybe he should have picked a game. "The point," Zhao Yunlan said, "is for us to have fun."

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Guardian hurt/comfort!

No Sunday Snippet because I'm feeling a bit under the weather and am not sure what I'll share of what I'm messing with now, but! If you haven't seen it or haven't been back to it, there is a smorgasbord of delicious h/c up on my h/c comment-fest post! A few by me and a whole bunch of other fills not to be missed -- @yue_ix did art! @naye has thus far claimed the coveted "fails so hard that everyone wins" award for writing a 7K "comment-fic" in one day!

Guardian h/c comment-fest!

Anyone is welcome to come join the fun, I'm still hoping to write a bit more myself, so the more prompts (or fills of course!) the merrier!

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time for an h/c comment fest!

The last couple of days have been rough on my writing (for dumb annoying reasons, why don't we come installed with a "will not be bothered by this thing" button?)

So! In the hopes of getting me to write something, and because this is what I'm feeling most wobbly about: it's time for hurt/comfort comment-fic!

Leave me a prompt/request for h/c, any hurt or any comfort, short or long as you want -- if it's character-specific, Guardian WeiLan please, that's all I'm in the mood to write; if that's not your thing then please leave a more general prompt! I don't promise to write anything (nor do I promise to write an actual commentfic and not some 10K-word monster, knowing me) but I would love any inspiration.

And if one of the prompts happens to tickle your fancy, please post your own comment fic (art, etc!) here (any fandoms, any characters) -- the more h/c the merrier!

The fills! \o/
(as of Nov. 23)

The Sundial goes full Equivalent Exchange. by @frith_in_thorns
aftermath of torture by @xparrot
Shen Wei is having trouble focusing (and how!) by @xparrot
Hypothermia and cuddling for warmth (or: Shen Wei Is The Least Reliable Narrator) by @yue_ix
Shen Wei has a weird allergic reaction by @frith_in_thorns
Nightmares (and knives) by @xparrot
Shen Wei suddenly has the power to hear people's dreams by @naye
Fanart: Scars by @yue_ix
Comfort tea & hypothermia by @marycrawford
Wings, the kind that stay inside until they tear their way out by @frith_in_thorns
Scars (AU fic for yue_ix's art) by @xparrot
Dragged away screaming by @marycrawford
Shen Wei thinking he's minorly hurt, but it's actually a lot worse by @wintersoldier77
Zhao Yunlan has a literal healing cock by @xparrot
Shen Wei thinking he's only minorly hurt, take 2 by @rlyqueer
winter has come by @extrapenguin
Shen Wei accidentally (or not) ingests poison meant for Zhao Yunlan by @xparrot
muffled screams by @duckwhatduck
Like a snowglobe by @frith-in-thorns

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