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of ducks and princesses

Regarding Princess Tutu: yes, whatever you've heard of this series is true; it's fairy tale crack, a cracked fairy tale that will tiptoe in on little ducky feet and steal your heart. (And does anyone have a full listing of the soundtrack music? I recognized most of the pieces but there were a few I don't know, and want, badly, from the penultimate episode especially.)

And I wrote fic. Which I know I shouldn't have--I liked the ending, very much, really it was just how it should have been. But. Well. Yes. So. Fic:

Series: Princess Tutu
Warnings: Spoilers for the anime's finale, + gruesome quantities of sap with my newest het OTP. (Which is something of a spoiler in itself, I think; at least it would have been for me.)

The Night Winter Ends


Oct. 15th, 2006 11:51 am (UTC)
In all honesty, not sure I'll ever write more Tutu fic - the series was so fulfilling for me all on its own that I hesitate to tread further on its webbed toes.
But very glad you enjoyed my brief foray! ^^