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X Never Marks the Spot

excavations of a fangirl mind

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Yet another fangirl, adrift on a sea of media, with too little time and money and too many books, DVDs, manga, etc, etc. This journal is generally limited to fanfic, episode squee, and other aspects of my fannish existence; my life outside of fandom is rarely if ever mentioned. Having returned to the States after a three year stint teaching English in Japan, I'm now looking for work in between watching TV and writing fic about the TV I'm watching.

On Friending: Feel free to friend me. If I don't friend you back right away, please don't be offended; I'm horribly lazy, and I don't really do private posts so you won't be missing anything.

My fannish tastes are all over the place. I like Western TV shows and animanga; I love gen but have slash OTPs; I enjoy angst but I adore happy endings. Generally I have the fan attention span of a gerbil; it's rare for any series to hold my intense interest for more than a year, though I tend to always love the series I dallied with. [A brief history of my fan relationships]

Fanfic Permissions
If you would like to post a podfic of my stories, or fan art or a comic, or write a remix or a sequel to any of my fics, you have my blanket permission to do so with anything I've written, as long as you give me credit (preferably a link) for the original story. I'd love it if you let me know what you make, but you don't have to. If you would like to archive my stories on a separate site, or translate them into another language, please do ask me first; I'll almost definitely say yes, but I want to know where they end up.

Finding my fanfic
(Please go ahead and feedback, link, bookmark, rec, review, critique, or just lurk! If you're reading something I've written, you're making my day, right there.)

On Archive Of Our Own (all my fic!)
On Fanfiction.net (incomplete)

Currently overdosing on: Avengers (LOKI~~~~!), Gintama (zomg shounen! zomg crack! zomg Gintoki! <333), Ben 10 (kids' cartoons are such ridiculous fun), The Man From U.N.C.L.E (old skool fandom r0x0rs! Also, if you don't know Illya Kuryakin, you are totally missing out.) Stargate: Atlantis (it's all everybody's fault. Yes, everybody's. I blame all of fandom collectively), NCIS (team = family FTW!), Doctor Who (New, mostly, but do enjoy Classic), Supernatural (oh, but I am weak to brothers), Smallville (back to the Clex after four years), One Piece (Oda Eichirou will forever own me. Marry me, darling!), various J-drama (Nagase Tomoya~!)

Written Fic for: TXF, TS, QL, FK, RGB, FF8, DBZ, I-man, Trigun, (Worried yet? I know I am) SG-1, Gravi, SV, Saiyuki, GetBackers, FMA, 1P, SS, YGO, ES21, Psych, SGA, MUNCLE, Gintama, Avengers, misc others.
Need to finish WiPs for: Saiyuki (done, done, DONE!), GetBackers, One Piece (8 years to complete Tiger Hunt, but I did it!), Static Shock (bwahaha finished!), YGO (probably will write more, but not WiPs!), Smallville (yes I am Mad), Psych (oops?)

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